Production of pipes and fittings from PVC, PE and PP

„NBI Consortium“ Ltd produces more than 10 years pipes made of polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and pipe fittings as well.

ICompact and multilayer pipes for drinking water supply application made of high-density polyethylene PE 100 and PE100RC with following dimensions from Ø 16 ÷ Ø 630 mm and working pressure from 4 to 25 bars. Pipes made of PE 100 RC material are suitable for installation without sand bedding and also trenchless installation.

The pipes are certified in accordance with NSISOSSP / Ordinance on the essential requirements and conformity assessment of construction products / and the European Directive 89/106 / EEC, amended. 93/68 / EEC on placing (CE) CE

  1. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) sewage pipes with dimensions from Ø 16 ÷ Ø 315 mm and pipe fittings as well.
  1. Pipes for cable protection (telecommunication systems and electrical installations).

Please mention that manufactured pipes and fittings are distributed on the market with trademark „KDN“ (Kapitan Dyado Nikola).

„NBI Consortium“ Ltd has plans to make relocation, installation and additional setting of following production divisions:

  1. PVC Pipes and fittings for pressure pipe systems;
  2. Pipes for gas transmission application;
  3. Corrugated pipes for electrical installations;
  4. Drainage pipes;
  5. PP-R (polypropylene) pipes and fittings for domestic and industrial water supply with hot and cold water;

PP-R Pipes for floor heating;

  1. Rigid and soft PVC profiles (for furniture, electrical and automotive industries; for civil engineering; for agriculture and other applications as well)
  2. Single use products for food packaging and packaging of technical products;
  3. Articles for household applications (as buckets, wash basins, bowls, etc.)

Currently (before starting the above mentioned production divisions) we can offer only stock items from our warehouse.

„NBI Consortium“ Ltd has 37 extrusion lines, 26 injection molding machines, more than 500 molds, and a large amount of tooling; modern equipped laboratory, good quality control management and precision schedule for production control, which guarantees the excellent quality of our products.

We are also able to offer some of the most attractive prices for you!